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13th Jan 2007, 04:02
Please don't make another 12-14 missioned game don't be the Next EA Games making qunity instead of guilty... please i loved Hitman 2 b/c it has so many missions Blood money was fun but ended to soon , Tomb Raider edned very very very soon 7 mission!!! = $64.09!! please make at least 25 long missions please I'm begging you plz you took away Legacy of Kain now don't take away the fun ...

7th Jul 2007, 05:53
Yeah but Hitman 2 had fewer quality missions than Blood Money. Also many missions in Hitman 2 where bugged as hell.
The reason why aren't many missions is because they spend so much time working on it, that's why BM has the best missions out of any game anywhere in the world.

So I HOPE there will be few mission, like 8 or 12.
You know, perfect missions which you can replay hundreds of times and experience different things each time you play it.

Mark Hamond
10th Jul 2007, 21:32
Agree. Better to have a few good than alot of bad levels.

The Hessian Horseman
25th Jul 2007, 03:46
I concur as well. Have you seen the E3 (or was it some other convention, oops ^^?) 14:46 mins. in game scenes? The missions seem *really* well thought-out and complex, not to mention GREAT! The graphic's atmosphere is simply astonishing, I think.

It's kinda rough and grey, like real life in a big city, know what I mean :D ? Just suits the game's image very well, as being tough and bloody, yet meaningful. I saw these scenes, when Kane, Lynch and their three mates ran out onto the plaza, fighting their way along that barricaded streets.

A few companions fell, and Kane however was able to "revive" them, using adrenaline-syringes. By only *watching* this, I wanted to interfere, and heal the mates myself :p

Oh, and not to mention this club-level, seen on one or another screenshot! Who needs one thousand levels, rarely populated and rather eventless, when one can have such stunning settings like those, already to be seen?

Sorry, for running riot again :rolleyes:

31st Jul 2007, 20:57
I wouldn't mind if there weren't a lot of missions... as long as they were long.

16th Aug 2007, 20:53
I read somewhere that the game is 8 hours long? That's not enough. :(
Quality is great but I do want Quantity as well.