View Full Version : Hitman's Ture Face!!! [Mad Butcher Rateing]

13th Jan 2007, 03:24

ok i don't know if any one has seen this but i believe this is the so called True Identity of Codename 47 Hitman character before he was a hitman i was playing xbox 360 to get the 100/100 Notary achievement and i received 56/100 on the mission "New Life" i killed the target and his wife and all of the agents and killed the Pool boy and the Clown and killed the Runner, i kept changing cloth Hitman -> FBI-> Hitman -> FBI -> Pool Boy -> Clown i also killed the Clown with the Knife in his Head...[maybe thats why its called mad butcher!] on Expert under the account name of FINAL.
i have taken 3 screens to show this is not fake on a Samsung 42 Inch HD Plasma Screen Tv with a Moto Razor's Crappy Cam. :D, the 1st two images are with No zoom and the 3rd is a clear face with zoom :D

i hope no one has seen this before its not everyday i find somethings like this in a game :D

19th Feb 2007, 20:28
47 had no 'true' identity prior to being an assassin.

He was cloned from DNA donated by 5 "fathers", accelerated to adulthood and trained to be a killing machine.

All of that is the basis of the storyline in the first Hitman game.

But I can confirm that this isn't a fake because I've had that picture come up in the newspapers before as well. There are probably lots of people who have.

9th Nov 2007, 20:31
So that's what they thing you look like when you've got a noteriety of 100?
Thats odd....considering with lower noterieties witnesses at least remember that your bald....