View Full Version : Crash on PS2, 4 weeks of play gone?

12th Jan 2007, 22:05
I'm trying to load a game of Just cause on the PS2 and after a while the loader screen (the one which gives game tips) freezes and hangs indefinately. I'm only using one save slot, which I regret now, my previous save on another slot is a wekk or so old 8-/. Just before I was about to take on the ottoman mission, the one where you fly the chopper over a train and try to blow up 20 odd missiles, I was asked if I wanted to save after the cut scene for the mission ends. I thought this was odd, being asked if I wanna save before completing a mission. Anyways I saved it and now I can't load this save point so :mad2:

Is this normal? Is there anything I can except laugh? I have noticed quite a lot of oddness going on in the game. Not being able to start a side mission for example - I walk up to an employer, click X, and nothing happens. This isn't recurrent, just happended a couple of times. Also enemy soldiers sometimes take ages to spawn during liberations, preventing me from destroying barricades or doing anything else useful. I could understand this kind of behaviour on a PC but it's not what I'd expect on a console.