View Full Version : Xbox Hitman Blood Money problems...

10th Jan 2007, 18:18
I bought Hitman blood money on the Xbox a few days ago and it was fine, but then i started getting sound problems mainly on the "house of cards" level and then the game kept crashing on the next level, the heaven hell style one.

So i took my copy back and bought a new one, but im getting the same problems exactly?

So i looked on the internet to see whether anyone else has had the same problems and there loads of other people with the exact same problem......

No i cant get any further in the game?

Someone mind explaining to me and all the other people with the same problems whats going on here?

Now heres exactly whats happening:

On "house of cards" level the sounds starts to go the further you get into it. You can hear footsteps, firing, speaking etc. This gets worse as the level goes on...

On the next level it keeps crashing at the same part, in the underground hell club place?

I also had i little sound problem at the end of "till death do us part" level, very similar to the "house of cards" level.

Now this is a consistent problem and i cant go any further with the game, it crashed three times, and being as you cant have a permanent save during a level so i have to keep starting over again.

So what am i supposed to do? Is there a way around this? Or have i just been ripped off?

14th Jul 2007, 11:11
Come on will someone answer me i have been waiting months i have the right to a reply at least?

Im not the only one with this problem....