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9th Jan 2007, 17:34
DISCLAIMER: I am not saying anyone here knows any answers to these inquiries, nor do I expect developers or CSMs to personally reply. These are simply the questions that will make, or break the game for me.

These are the questions that for me, are decisive to my decision to purchase this game.

Also, these are the questions I have thought of, thus far. It is possible as I learn more, more questions will arise and then an addendum to this post shall be created. I make this a forum incase my questions spark any more from the community, or the community would like to speculate on most-likely scenarios.

Do the colors, especially of American Aircraft, change throughout the game as they did in war? With Late-War and Pre-War color Schemes?

In large bomber aircraft, such as the G4M2 Betty or B-25 Mitchell - will the turret guns work much similar to capital ships? With (on the Xbox) one stick controlling view and the other flight characteristics? Then, when the trigger is pulled, will whatever gun (such as a ball turret or a tail gun) that faces that specific direction fire? Or will we be able to personally man each and every turret?

*A plea: On the PC version, which will be the format I will buy I must ask that the "switch" from view-mode to flight-control mode be made by the strike (or hold) of a key (such as control, or such) and NOT by a method where say, W, A, S, D control flight and the mouse controls view - as this would lead to a severe hindrance in ACM (Air Combat Maneuvering) and even worse - a lack of precision control over flight characteristics. Thank you.

Will the game have some kind of quick-skirmish mode, where one may select what kind, and how many enemy and friendly units to command, and on a specific map type?

Will the PC version of the game support customizations or alterations such as modding projects of any kind? From as mundane as changing paint schemes and colors, to as severe as adding the European Theatre of operations, or adding modern jet-age warfare in a Total Conversion Mod?

* A continuation: Will new units be allowed to be substituted, such as the Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat? Yes, the F4F-3 Wildcat was used throughout the entire war, thus a good choice for "the Ally's Fighter" however it was, in most ways, inferior to the A6M-2 Reisen "Zero". So if we wanted to add a Hellcat, could we?

Is the multiplayer game mode of "same side, many tasks" still a priority, and a plan? Can I have control of a battleship task force, my friend control of the Carriers and land bases on the same "player" side?

9th Jan 2007, 18:30
This game ends at midway in 1942 so many of the later units will not be included.

10th Jan 2007, 05:49
I was wondering if anyone had any comments or thoughts on any of the questions this thread asks, I do request that you take the time to read each point.

Thank you.

11th Jan 2007, 21:52
Ijust want a Corsair.