View Full Version : Demo question for Keir?

9th Jan 2007, 06:22
Hello Keir, I was wondering where the DL will be located for the mod will this site put links will it be on fileplanet and all of the other such sites? Also will the demo be multiplayer?:scratch:

9th Jan 2007, 06:49
I believe he said the demo will be MP. He also said he would let us know first :D As far as links as soon as I see some I will post. I would also keep an eye open on Bluesnews.com. Usually they will list multiple links.

9th Jan 2007, 09:04
The demo will be hosted by GameShadow - I'll give you the URL as and when. I'm sure it'll spread pretty quick though.

It consists of a really cool multiplayer map :thumbsup:

9th Jan 2007, 09:36
Is it one of the maps that we have seen in any of the gameplay trailers?