View Full Version : Xbox 360 Side missions Explosives

8th Jan 2007, 15:45
Hello All,

I recently purchased a version of JC for the xbox 360 and on the side missions that require to blow stuff up, i cannot do anything because its as though you have turned into hudini.

You can walk right through all the buildings and all the grenades and explosives just act as though there is no building there.

I have a copy of this for the regular xbox and this isnt a problem.

I have tried resetting the xbox cache using the information suggested in this forumn but to no availe.

I have now completed all the side missions possible and done all the collection missions and so am stuck.

Does anyone have a workaround for this on the XBOX 360, otherwise i am taking the game back to the shop where purchased (in the uk) for a full refund as faulty software.