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7th Jan 2007, 23:28
I remember someone here (sorry, don't remember who) who mentioned they got a bug one time where Rutland wouldn't attack them when they ran underneath the platform he jumped up on, to heal.

I just tried to duplicate it and did it first time (luck?)....I ran underneath the platform he just jumped up on, to the right of the support "pillar" and immediately next to it. I was maybe about halfway back from the front of the platform. Sure enough -- Rutland just going on about how he bet I wish I could do "whatever" -- but he just stayed on top.

From underneath, I targeted the other 3 platforms with an assault rifle and shot off the cover stones on each. Then I tried going in front of the cover stone of the platform I was on and slowly backing toward the middle of the room -- but stopping as soon as I was far enough away to "precise" target the stone of the platform I'd been under. Even there, Rutland didn't jump down. Shot off that stone and now all stones had the shiny spots "bare", ready for grappling and pulling.

I proceeded to grapple/pull the one Rutland was still on -- as soon as I'd given it a pull I ran toward the next and repeated the grapple+pull(action). Did the same with the remaining two. I had all the platforms down before Rutland got to me to attack. At that point, it was easy -- I had 3 HP's and Rutland isn't too challenging if you know to stay away from his grenades and keep doing side jump-flips to stay far enough away so he can't attack directly, but close enough to keep shooting him with pistols (ended up finishing him with pistols as ran out of rifle ammo).

One thing I have to say -- the more I play this game, the shorter it begins to feel. I suppose if I came into this game knowing all the moves and tricks, and didn't look around everything, and was attentive enough to pick up all the clues (looks, voice hints, etc), I might find the game a bit short even on "hard".

One place I still have problems --- the motorcycle rides in Kazakstan. I can make it through them -- eventually, but is more a matter of luck than skill. On "hard", I have to be lucky enough to be offered and catch sufficient HPs' to keep up with my progress. Most of the time in that section, I take way too much damage and can't find/pick-up HP's fast enough to keep alive. It's very frustrating -- two good shotgun blasts and I'm dead. How come the bad guys get to use shotguns while I don't? Whatever -- I have to heal often and "waste" HP's, since if I wait until I wouldn't be "wasting" an Health Pack, I'm already below half -- and at below half, 1 shot from a shotgun and I'm dead.

I can manage to get through most of the "crowd" scenes using some tactics and skill, but that cycle ride -- 2 segments worth, takes a long time (and many deaths) for me to get through on "hard". I just don't know any great strategy other than staying off to one side so I'm not surrounded by bad guys and they can only come at me from one side.

Good thing it doesn't use the "hard" setting when one choose time-trial or I might not have made it through yet. I suppose the other "hard" spot (on the hard setting, especially), is the final, 2nd visit to Boliva Boss (the "U.E."). There is a bit more skill involved there, in being able to dodge the beast's blasts, but I have to be in top "psyched" condition. But there doesn't seem to be anyway to dodge bullets in that cycle ride in Kazakstan...sigh.

So when's the new game coming out...?


8th Jan 2007, 16:42
If you have already completed all the levels and on time trial mode why don't you use some cheat codes?Or maybeyou wan't it to be more chalenging?(in kazakhstan)At first when I played the level I didn't die from the mersenaries's hits.I shooted the bastards untill they die!I died only when I hit something like a tree...:D

8th Jan 2007, 18:28
Well it looks like it is pretty easy to kill him your way, but if you really want kill him easily just enable 1 shot kill and kill him with 1 shot.

8th Jan 2007, 21:05
If you have already completed all the levels and on time trial mode why don't you use some cheat codes?Or maybeyou wan't it to be more chalenging?(in kazakhstan)

I like a bit more of a challenge, but I'd like my solving to be based, at least partly, on skill -- not random dumb luck. With most of the group fights, I find that if I play conservatively, hiding behind objects -- and only exposing myself to 1 enemy at a time, I can usually prevent dying (vs. the ever-fun jumping into the middle of a group, and going 'gonzo', shooting like crazy and hoping I won't die :D ). I'm trying to find some strategy in the cycles to increase my chances of surviving.

Occasionally I use the cheat codes, occasionally for tactics practice -- but sometimes because I've died so many times and I feel like going back and doing a little "payback"...especially with that UE at the very end. It will usually nail me more than 50% of the time on 'hard'. I'll "practice" taking him out, then I'll let him heal on purpose, so I can "practice" some more...:whistle:

At first when I played the level I didn't die from the mersenaries's hits.I shooted the bastards untill they die!I died only when I hit something like a tree...:D

Arg! Tell me about it! :nut: Will be going along thinking I'm fine, then I hit a bump and it moves me over slightly -- right in front of a tree. *crunch* :mad2:

***Double arg*** -- After I made it through the cycle section again on 'hard' -- the darn train was missing again this time! I hate it when that happens -- have to restart level. Certainly, the train missing (completely), makes it impossible to land your bike on it and get into the underground soviet lab.


8th Jan 2007, 21:11
Well it looks like it is pretty easy to kill him your way, but if you really want kill him easily just enable 1 shot kill and kill him with 1 shot.

But but but...it's more fun to find a "quirk" -- that takes some work and practice. The cheat-codes make it *too* easy.

Oh..one cheat that's fun -- enable bullet-proof, then go through a battle and try to kill the merc's only using meleƩ tactics (knocking them over, jumping and kicking them in head -- things like that). Gives lots of good hand-to-hand combat training.

One cheat code I'm not sure why it's called a "cheat" code -- that's "textureless mode". Does turning off texture actually make it easier for some people? I'm more likely to forget where I am momentarily if I have texture off sometimes -- can make it harder -- that, and having all the game text (menus, hints, voices) in a foreign language.

Have you ever noticed, in a foreign language, Lara's screams when dying are slightly different? I didn't know death-screams were language dependent...:)

9th Jan 2007, 22:42
Can you take a movie of it?

10th Jan 2007, 00:09
Um...easier said than done...never uploaded a video before. Haven't ever uploaded a video before -- probably time to figure this out. :o

I went back in and duplicated it -- twice (the first time, I flubbed the recording :scratch: ).

Now I have to figure out how to upload/post it. :whistle:

I recorded it in 1/2 screen size and running @ 1024x768. But don't know how to shrink it or encode it yet. Still waiting on a youtube-signup confirmation email. What format do I upload it in, or does it do the conversion for me? Might be best if I could shrink it before uploading, since even if it shrinks it for me, I'd still have to upload a 364MB file :eek: for a 87 second video. Do you know what formats I can upload? The screen-capture program, FRAPS, records in AVI as a default.


10th Jan 2007, 02:32
Just go to youtube.com they will take the avi format. EDIT: That is bloody big, got a camcorder you can sit next to you while playing?

10th Jan 2007, 10:03
sigh--no cam corder.

Been trying to figure out how to convert avi to mpeg4 or flv. :nut:

Supposedly "ffmpeg" should work, but I haven't been able to get a version to build. :cool: Found a pre-built binary, but it doesn't support FRAPS-v5 (v1,v2 & v4, but not v5). Why the FRAPS program has to have used 4-5 different formats...:mad2:

All the other options I've found seem to cost $$. Sigh.

The only trick is getting into position right under where Rutland is standing. Everytime it has worked (it fails sometimes, but seems to be >50% when I'm in the right position), I'm on the right side (looking from center toward wall), right next to the diagonal support pillar. Looking at the platform from the side, it's almost directly halfway from front-to-back. Everytime I've gotten into position and had Rutland stay up, I've had to slightly relocate in order to get a red-lock on the tower to my right (looking toward center). The towers opposite and to the left can both be targeted, red, with the assault rifle (not pistol). To hit the tower I'm under, I have to move toward the center a bit -- maybe even with the front of the platform -- just enough out so I can get a target lock on the platform's "stone" facade.

If I'm moving around or changing directions or something while waiting for rutland to heal, he's always jumped off. I usually use a tuck&roll to quickly get under him & then don't move (camera position is ok). I usually monitor from side to side to see if Rutland is going to jump down, but it gets obvious when he doesn't -- he starts repeating himself "Bet you wish you could do that...Bet you wish you could do that..."

I'm sure ffmpeg will do the conversion -- it even can convert directly to flicker video (youtube format), but I'm just not familiar with how to get it to build...maybe I should try compiling it on linux (have been trying under Cygwin/windows)...
*sigh* First time is always the hardest.

Blackjack Davy
25th Jan 2007, 21:01
Download the Xvid codec (free) and then compress it using VirtualDub (also free)