View Full Version : AUDIO/MUSIC Audio issue/bug?

13th Oct 2013, 13:46
Every time i open Nosgoth (to read about the different abilities and weapons) all other sounds played by my computer gets turned down, i havnt set it to do so, but it does, and im kinda annoyed by it, if im trying to listen to music or watch a video mean while, i wonder if anyone else have thi issue?

13th Oct 2013, 15:53
Different abilities and weapons?: as far as i remember there is only the b log and lore section on this site.
Or you are confusing a old lok version for nosgoth or you received your alpha copy of nosgoth earlier... impossible thing tough.

13th Oct 2013, 17:43
@OP: Are you talking about the game, the website, or the forum?

15th Oct 2013, 13:10
The game, when i open the client through Steam it turns down all other volume my computer is playing.