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6th Jan 2007, 04:16
Well, credits to Dingaling
(http://www.tombraiderforums.com/member.php?u=14937) from www.tombraiderforums.com. :)
http://www.myimagehub.com/thumbs/447/SMALL_ScanoPSP1.jpg (http://www.myimagehub.com/files/view/447/ScanoPSP1.jpg) http://www.myimagehub.com/thumbs/447/SMALL_ScanoPSP2.jpg (http://www.myimagehub.com/files/view/447/ScanoPSP2.jpg) http://www.myimagehub.com/thumbs/447/SMALL_ScanoPSP3.jpg (http://www.myimagehub.com/files/view/447/ScanoPSP3.jpg) http://www.myimagehub.com/thumbs/447/SMALL_ScanoPSP4.jpg (http://www.myimagehub.com/files/view/447/ScanoPSP4.jpg) http://www.myimagehub.com/thumbs/447/SMALL_ScanoPSP5.jpg (http://www.myimagehub.com/files/view/447/ScanoPSP5.jpg) http://www.myimagehub.com/thumbs/447/SMALL_ScanoPSP6.jpg (http://www.myimagehub.com/files/view/447/ScanoPSP6.jpg)

I have a better feeling that this time, we'd get both versions on the same release date. They seem to be more attentive this time on the PSP version, I'm glad.

I HOPE they make the collector's edition come with the PSP version 'cause it's such a pain to buy both. And I also hope this time they'd add the special connectivity in where it allows you to transfer PS2 save to PSP and bring you to the exact spot in where you were on the PS2!!
*read the last row of paragraph on the dark box
Well that was for Legend but knowing this is a remake, this game is longer than Legend so..yeah.

They said they would for Legend and it never happened since it was a short game, I guess they thought it was pointless and the release dates were like off by 3 months from Ps2 and PSP that time.

And YAY! Whoever suggested about the director's commentary thing is coming true!!!!! That is so cool!

And BLAH I hope there's ONLINE multiplayer 'cause it's so hard to find someone else with a PSP with the game..