View Full Version : Blood Money: Does not Show Bodies

5th Jan 2007, 19:23
So I have had Hitman for about a month and a half now and was very much enjoying it. Although about 3 weeks into the game I got distracted with school and work so I was unable to play for a long time. Today I had some free time so I booted Blood Money back up and am on the mission Flatline on Expert level. As soon as the mission started, the bodies of NPC's and my character would not display. They were transparent almost 100%. (At some angles I could see a bit of their uniform but was still very see thru). The heads were still visible though. At first I thought it was maybe apart of the mission, so I continued to play it. Within two minutes it was extremely difficult to play like this. So I closed the game and reopened it. Same problem. I then decided to load a different level, one I had played without a problem. Unfortunately same thing for that level. No bodies what so ever. Just heads.

It has made my game unplayable because I cannot tell who are guards, who are civillians, who has useful suits to wear and so on. Basically what can I do to fix this?

Also I know my computer specs are good enough because I ran the game PERFECTLY when I last played.