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5th Jan 2007, 17:38
He is online daily but posting isnt really his thing :scratch:

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imo thats pretty bad for a year as community manager (specially on this kickass game)

Anyway i hope you will start posting a little more soon!

Many fans here who would like som updates on the game:nut:

5th Jan 2007, 17:45
just be glad that he tells us anything at all

Iron Sound
5th Jan 2007, 17:52
you talking about keir?

he's better than a press release officer, he actually replies to questions and goes into depth about the features of the game.

too much information is a bad thing, it ruins a game.

One example: Half-Life 2

People were disappointed because they had spent 3 years + pouring over every media release possibly available and when it finally came around to playing the game there was the strange sensation of "already seen that" which killed the surprise and replaced it with mundanity and routine.

Notice how I said "they", not me :p

Crazy Nut BE
5th Jan 2007, 18:05
Yea Keir rocks he answers a lot of questions in the ask the devs thread. I wish other gamedevs did the same thing;)

5th Jan 2007, 18:55
Besides the fact that it is the Holiday Season so after missing a week or 2 of work you know there is a backlog of stuff to do plus promotion of the game with print and online publications. Frankly I think they have been doing a knockout job. God knows I have been pestering them, starting with SCi, for years! Just ask them how long... it has been years and they have been gracious enough to respond.

8th Jan 2007, 10:11
Thanks for the kind words chaps!

Sorry for my low profile recently, I've been away holiday. I'll get back to it and start going through the threads and providing some answers when I get a chance :thumbsup:

8th Jan 2007, 10:31
welcome back O' silent one :rasp:

8th Jan 2007, 17:23
Welcome back :)

8th Jan 2007, 20:46
Keir, keep up the good work!

Dutch Jester
8th Jan 2007, 22:45
hey Keir welcome back:D