View Full Version : Tomb-NO not stuck, I know how to get out

5th Jan 2007, 09:37
I am in England, I've just climbed down that huge chamber (the one with all the crumbling staircases on the walls, where you lost the forklift) and now Im at the bottom. I used my specs and saw two doors on adjacent walls to be glowing. One is a mechanism, one can be moved. Can push the moveable one a few feet inward, but nothing else, and it automatically realigns with the wall. Don't know what to do with the mechansim door, doesn't seem to be any tools around to activate it. I can go on up the staircase and continue the level to the flaming oil river, ignoring these doors, but you know what killed the cat. Can't help but wonder what kind of goody I may come across if I figure this out. Anybody?:scratch:

PS that snake boss is a breeze

5th Jan 2007, 09:42
If i got right place what you are takĀ“lking about then you just need to continue to flaming river.

And by movable door you mean door with III scarved on it???
If yes then you will maybe need this door after boss when you willbe returning.

5th Jan 2007, 09:46
haha Im an idiot. Haven't played for like almost a month, forgot about that.

5th Jan 2007, 09:56
No problem we all make mistakes.