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5th Jan 2007, 03:46
I am using Windows Vista, I played the demo just fine. I loved the whole gaming experience that I bought the game by dowloading it. I started the game and I recieved an ERROR (WRONG OS). Is there anyway around this. Support told me to look on the internet for an Answer. They have not tested any of there games on VISTA !!!!

5th Jan 2007, 08:55
I havent use vista, but i think there should be. In windows xp you must:
1. click on game exe or shortcut mouse right button.
2. Select properities
3. Select "Compatibility" Tab
4. There you can select Any older windows you want that game need

So maybe in vista is same system. Although this doesent work on older games, but because Legend rund on xp if in vista is compatibility it should work fine.

Well i was wrong there isnt any compatibility options in vista. Only thing what you can do is wait untill they release some update to Vista or untill there will become patch to game which will make game Vista compatibile.