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4th Jan 2007, 09:32
Well, I finally finished Rogue Trooper tonight, so here's my two cent review:

I found Rogue Trooper to be an allright game in terms of shooting things, not deep in thought/character development, or even technical aspect.

Probably the most interesting thing about this game is that it seems to have been made from several other games. As I was playing it, I seemed to notice elements from such games as:
1. Red Faction II - The Souther Soldiers, many corridors and buildings
2. Terminator III - Some vehicles
3. Dark Watch - Levels, the big train
4. Kill Zone - Buildings, the ship, maybe the submarines?

A good example is the "Petrified Forest" level. If you'll notice, there are many paths in this level that are unaccessable to your character but were (for some reason) included anyway. I didn't notice its resemblance to "Dark Watch", until I played the level before it with the train. I can only guess that the train was supposed to be in Dark Watch but has been modified to appear "futuristic" for this video game. The forest paths would be accessible to the Dark Watch character - as he is a vampire and can fly/hover. I played "Dark Watch" a few months back and noticed that it seemed rather "jumpy" in its storyline (perhaps because Rebellion needed some of the level artwork for this POS) -- same thing with Kill Zone and Terminator III.

Anyway, seems that all video games these days are just a collection of "clipart" from other video games (I guess for "marketing" reasons).

Someone should tell these studios that artwork is NOT clipart and they are NOT artists. Down with the Corporate Pigs!

Rogue Trooper is a waste of time. Someone made a cool game about blue soldiers once, and this was all that got released. "Rogue Trooper", more like "Rouge Faction". Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

7th Feb 2007, 13:04
well done dude i thought it was a ok game as well but i like games like stalker and crysis fps but well done

but dont bother post anything els on this forum as i,am the only 1 that will reply just look at how many ppl looked at ur thread then take a look at mine they should close this forum down waste of time it beening hear realy

15th Feb 2007, 04:34
Hey Dudes,
You're probably right that no one reads these. And, even if they did, what the hell could they do about anything?

Well, I figured out where some more of the "Blue Army Dudes" video game went off to...
First off, it's obvious that the Blue Army dudes SHOULD have been fighting in the jungle (as they are all shirtless). It really doesn't make any sense that they (even if they were Genetically bred "supermen") would be dressed that way on such a barren planet. The original "developer" of the game probably intended this as a quasi-Vietnam futuristic video game, located on another planet.

Second, I think I found the actual enemy "we" were supposed to be fighting. One of them is pictured on the "Warhammer 40K Fire Warrior" box cover. I'm pretty sure this is true as the artwork seems to match up. He's the one on top of the piles of skulls.

Third, this SUPER BLENDER way of creating video games has ruined an ENTIRE line of what could have be a great selection of titles for all of us to play.
I submit one Doom 3 to the witness stand.
I played this demo a few weeks back and it took me a couple of tries before I finally figured out that THERE ARE NO ZOMBIES IN THE FREAKIN' DOOM UNIVERSE!!!!
There wasn't zombies in the first two Dooms, so why are they there now? I'll tell you why...because that wasn't the DOOM 3 that the developers handed in! The now "officially released" DOOM 3 is a mix of an unreleased Resident Evil title an unreleased Red Faction title...and who knows what else!!!

Same thing with ALL the freakin' video games these days. Seems like someone was trying to get out a contractural obligation by blending together artwork from various sources and creating their own SUPER HACK titles (I use HACK in the traditional sense - not computer jargon).

Thanks for nothing you crapholes! I don't know how you guys got soooooo much power, but if I ever see one of your editors or CEOs on the street, I'll be sure to give them a good kick in the nuts for humanity.



Rotting in Quasi-Hell, staring at the wall
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22nd Feb 2007, 23:03
I was late getting to this game, but I have completed it now. I wouldnt mind seeing more of this character, hopefully with better graphics (lets say as good a DOOM 3). The militaristic music in the game was enjoyable (normally I just turn off in game music after install, and play my own). But not this time, the base was seriously cranked up.
All in all I think its a job well done (but more work required on the enemies (too basic)), just give us top end PC users better graphics and more game play freedom. The main character in this game is very enjoyable, so thanks Devs for a good game, oh and thanks Rouge...you kick ass.

21st Jul 2007, 06:05
I disagree with all of you. I enjoyed this game, and I wish there would be a sequel. I thought that hugging the walls, different weapons, challenges, and the scenery were all awesome. Is there another game like this? I don't think so, and I think it is extremely unique, and I love it. :D

10th Sep 2007, 21:11
can you please tell me how do i get off the dame train with all them things flying round please help robert

4th Nov 2007, 13:38
Ye,rogue trooper is a bit of an Anoying game:mad2: but i liked it i mean i like the way you can blow the norts heads off with the shotgun:nut: but all i want to know is if theyre making a 2nd one because at the end colnel kovert kinda implies that they are:whistle: haha lol

4th Nov 2007, 13:42
can you please tell me how do i get off the dame train with all them things flying round please help robert

ye, all ya need to do is keep shooting them untuil the end, the norts will blow you up automatically in a movie and shoot the flying thing with the big cannon (there are 3 you know).(back,left,right):rasp:

9th Jan 2008, 00:19
Let the train crash - Rogue trooper will survive

9th Jan 2008, 00:20
Hey poolie have you gone through the mountain pass to the power station yet?