View Full Version : Help me I need a tip on how to pass stage in west africa!

4th Jan 2007, 01:16
Tomb Raider Ghana in west africa cave that has a spinning crate and another crate that goes on a pressure plate to release to arms on a women how can you get the spinning crate to the the pressure plate on the left?

4th Jan 2007, 04:06
Hi HotBoy. I think I know where you are. You cannot use the crate that falls off the rotating platform. You have one crate available. Place it on the pressure plate. Notice that one wrist on the statue is no longer restrained. Go to the other pressure plate. When you stand on it, the other wrist is no longer restrained. Step off the pressure plate. Notice the clamp starting to cover the wrist again. This is timed. You must...but I am getting ahead of myself. This should answer your question. Ask again if you need help. There's lots of Tomb Raiders here willing to help.

Mad Lizzy
7th Jan 2007, 15:46
go onto the ledge with the box,and move it on the button, then you wait for the platform to stop spinning, and jump to the next button.
Jump on the next button and wait for the platform to finish spinning then quickly jump on the platform with the statue, and grapple & pull the handle all the way, so the arms of the statue will come down.:lmao: :rolleyes: :) ;)

good luck:D

:nut: Lizzy

8th Jan 2007, 21:43
Ruum Taedor and Mad Lizzy.From 360 HOTBOY!