View Full Version : Tomb Raider Legend HELP!!!!

3rd Jan 2007, 01:11
HELP!!!! I just started this game and I'm already stuck. I just passed the part with the leapord and i had to pull the box all the way across so the walls don't squish me well now i'm at the part where you have three boxes and one is on the top of the ledge and there are three buttons to push down and the other two is in the water. I see that the see-saw has something to do with it. I stacked the two boxes on top of each other but from there i'm stuck. can anyone help me. thank you.

3rd Jan 2007, 01:26
You're not supposed to stack boxes on top of each other.


3rd Jan 2007, 02:11
Hi yazzitazi. If you don't want to read the walk-through, the idea is to put a crate on one end of the see-saw and jump on the other end of the see-saw to launch the crate up to where you need it. If you're stuck, then use the walk-through paranoid angel suggested.