View Full Version : Found this at Office Max

3rd Jan 2007, 00:06
Was Christmas shopping and took a glance at the budget software in a bin. Did a double take when I saw this


in the bin. Was priced at $7.99 and since my old copy of the original game was lost (let my niece borrow it, never saw it again) I purchased the collection. I believe this was put out in 2000.

Am replaying the original game with Glidos. So far I am having a blast!

3rd Jan 2007, 02:16
I also happened to find the same thing a while ago, except for the Macintosh (which I have). I can't tell from your picture, but mine also included the Gold levels. It was great to have the first three games in one package.

3rd Jan 2007, 09:53
luck bugars

none of ourt stores sell it as far as i know. all the decent gaming stores only sotck the latest stuff these days :( the second hand stored wont sell beucasr they cant make much money form it os it really just leaves car boots which are also a longshot

3rd Jan 2007, 17:03
I got the Trilogy version of TR1-3 too, but they came in a silver box, and the gold levels weren't included. And my brother destroyed the uber-cool mouse mat it came with :mad: Sadly this was out a while ago - with revived interest in TR1 (Anniversary) maybe they'll put out another Trilogy version. Who knows? :rolleyes:

3rd Jan 2007, 19:18
I looked here and found it, believe it or not:

Only $9.99, a bargain!