View Full Version : help in japan- on the side of the building

2nd Jan 2007, 16:27
hey people

im stuck in japan. im on the irch guys building climbing on his electronic sign thingies where you use the grapple to pull them down. Well i have goton to the top pole and climbed up there but i cant winch the sign down and i cant jump to it

any ideas?

Mad Lizzy
2nd Jan 2007, 16:45
do you mean the last one at the top, climb up the pipe, face the opposite way of the ledge, press jump and u'll swing on a pole underneath, causing the ledge to comedown, jump back on the pipe and jump on the ledge.
Jump on the small platform and climb up the pipe.
Soon Zip says the pole won't hold, so quickly jump on the three horizontal poles and land safely.
Look infront and u wil see a door press interact and enter the room, causing another checkpoint.:D :cool: :D

P.S.before going through the door,try looking back, and u wil see u can't go back.:rasp: :rasp: :p :p

2nd Jan 2007, 17:05
thanks i just figured it

2nd Jan 2007, 17:18
now im having problems with jumping from the pole to ther horizontal bars!!

gosh hardest thing so far!!

any suggestions?

2nd Jan 2007, 19:50
move the camera an adjust it to see Lara and the pole aligned, then jump

2nd Jan 2007, 22:30
align it at the top?

2nd Jan 2007, 22:42
oh i see

nowi ts hard to jump from the horizontal poles quickly

(hardest part of the game so far for me is a moving part!! thats shocking)

Mad Lizzy
6th Jan 2007, 17:38
if you can make youre back face the horizontal bars, then press jump, and you will swing on the bars, but they dont hold so i wil suggess that you should do two whole swings and jump.
maybe you want to do three swings

good luck:D