View Full Version : Multiplayer problem

2nd Jan 2007, 12:41
After i installed the patch 1.2 without Xi-Fi support i was trying to connect to the internet. But the game only finds one server (when i'm lucky). I see a lot of servers when he is searching for a game and when he is done with searching he only gives me one server. Can someone help me with this annoying thing

30th Apr 2007, 17:29
The reason for seeing so many servers when not patched up is because the cracked version works online too sadly. And those with cracked versions dont bother patching. I have the orginal but sadly there is no online protection against cheaters or even dedicated server abillities.

The game has dug its grave before it was released thats for sure.

So you are not missing anything. Try play it with your friends instead as you know those wouldnt cheat.