View Full Version : Hitman will not launch

1st Jan 2007, 05:50
SecuRom is killing me. On both this laptop and my desktop I get the message that a required security module cannot be activated/executed(6000). I eventually was able to get to the black screen with red line on this laptop after doing some things, but just get bumped back to the desktop after the short intro. :mad2: My desktop computer by the way is a Dell XPS 700 Red Edition fully loaded with an Nvidia Dual 7900 GTX graphics card. This is a gaming machine bought new in September. Anyone who knows about this machine knows what it is capable of.....Sooooo.....How come Hitman won't launch? A gaming machine that I can't play the game on ......Hmmmmm:confused: Anybody got a clue? Anyone hear anything from SecuRom concerning these startup or launch problems? Any suggestions/solutions?:whistle: