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31st Dec 2006, 01:56
Ok, Im stuck in MISSON 2...this really aint normal for me to be stuck so early in a game lol. Ive done the first half of the mission and now im up to when u have to...defend yourself and team mates??

Im near a machine gun nest fightin off enemies...i blew up the machine gun tank thing close by and then went backwards and blew up the other one in the fields. Now what?? enemies just keep coming non stop and eventually its mission failed when all my men are dead!

There are some enemies with machine guns right up the top that i can kill, except for one in the corner...when i get too close i automatically die! this is so frustrating ive spent so much time on this damn misson and its prob real easy..argg
Any help would be good

31st Dec 2006, 18:18
After passing the bridge you have blown up previously, you need to kill the machine gunner in the armored vehicle at the end of the road.

The moment you kill him, mission ends... successfully.


1st Jan 2007, 00:41
Since when did i suppose to blow the bridge up? Doesnt say anything like that in my objectives.
How and where do i get explosives?

1st Jan 2007, 04:20
The idea is simple. Don't die. After a while , you have to escape across a bridge and torch it. Then as green beret, charge in from the left like a crazed fool and blast the machine gunner.

1st Jan 2007, 09:47
ahhh not too worry i got it. I restarted the mission and it was simple in the end lol. What i did wrong, was i went past the bridge too early..the explosives werent even on it yet..and my objectives wernt saying what to do next so it was all confusing. But all good now.