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30th Dec 2006, 23:23

I've read http://www.respawn.co.uk/content/view/255/77/ any other help pages around?

Also can't find any info on the differences between Autocrat, Monarchy etc. anything on that?

Lasty, been trying to take the Russian castle in a even battle, geez its tough :) anyone done it with even troops? If so any tips?

Thanks for any help.

3rd Jan 2007, 11:59
Here’s how to take the Russian capital!

1. Unless you’re playing on “easy” (in which case the whole lot of ‘em come charging out across the ice) the ground troops will hole up in the buildings within the castle walls. This makes it imperative that you go into the battle with at least one set of howitzers. Also, once you flush the Russian troops out of the buildings you will almost certainly get involved in hand-to-hand combat, so going in with light infantry only is not to be attempted. Ideally, therefore, depending obviously on the strength you’re facing you will need: At least 1 howitzer; troops capable of melee (and the square formation) and, if the Russians also have cannons, some cavalry (any kind will do).

2. At the start of the battle, the Russians will have their troops inside the buildings, their cannons on the turrets, militia will, rather mysteriously, run around the back of the castle or stand near the castle end of the bridge, and the any cavalry will run out of the castle and wait in a left sided cranny as your attacking forces look at it. The first thing to do is to get your forces in position without getting into the firing range of the cannons or close enough to the cavalry to prompt them to charge.

3. So, avoiding the iced up lake in front of the castle, move all your forces to the far side of the bridge leading to the entrance, keeping everyone well away from the cannons and cavalry. This will take a while. Make sure your cannons are protected at all times, should the cavalry or militia suddenly attack (they never do unless you get close to them).

4. Once all your forces are to the left side of the bridge, position at least one cavalry unit and most of your infantry on the frozen lake, well to the left of the castle entrance. This keeps everyone well away from the Russian cannons positioned on the wall by the entrance. Make sure your cannons are still protected by cavalry and/or melee/square troops. You MUST have functioning cannons. So, your main body of forces are now on the ice, facing the entrance. Put a couple of infantry units in square formation to the left of the entrance, out of range of the cannons. They will deal with any militia lurking around the back of the castle. Sometimes militia units will decide to go back into the castle at this time. It’s up to you whether to provoke them into attacking your square or let them go back in. They’re not much of a threat. Put everyone in squares in case their cavalry turn up and attack. Now its time to take out the cannons and then attack their infantry in the buildings!

5. This is where the AI is particularly dim! Its child’s play, though time consuming, to take out the cannons. There will almost certainly be a set of Russian cannons on the ramparts to the right of the entrance as your forces look at it. Simply walk up a cavalry unit, however depleted, to the right side of the entrance and then click “charge” on the cannon. As your horses thunder through the archway and bear right, you’ll hear an infantrymen yell a Russian command. It doesn’t matter, as within a couple of seconds your cavalry are up the ramp and killing the howitzer crew. The infantry will stay in their buildings. Once the first set of cannons is destroyed, another will replace it. You’ll have to watch as the second lot of cannons are dragged across the courtyards and up the ramp to where your cavalry are standing nonchalantly on the castle wall, waiting to slaughter them. So it goes on until the only cannons the Russians have left (if any) are ones positioned at the far end of the castle. The AI leaves these where they are and they are out of range of the castle entrance. You can now attack the inside of the place without getting totalled by cannon fire!

6. The actions described above have usually provoked any militia or cavalry to move to your side of the castle which will have resulted in an attack outside of the castle walls. Sensible use of your own infantry and cavalry should destroy these, ALWAYS, making sure your cannons are well away from the action and protected. You should now be left with just the Russian infantry occupying the various buildings, plus any stray cannons, cavalry and militia that may still be cowering inside the castle walls.

7. Position your cannons near the entrance. While these are trundling across position your cavalry and infantry close to the entrance. Put your best melee troops in standard marching formation right in front of the entrance so that they (and cavalry if possible) are available to double into the courtyard. Don’t forget that you should have some cavalry already inside the castle, waiting where the Russian cannons used to be.

8. Now place one of your cannons in the passageway under the entrance. This will keep it out of range of the infantry holed up in the buildings, but allow you to shell them. Depending on how many troops they have they will occupy the following buildings: few troops – the large building towards the back; some troops – that building plus the “chapel” which is the one straight ahead as you look through the entrance; many troops – both those plus the large building to the left of the chapel, plus perhaps that weird little building behind the chapel. Taking the “many” troops option first. Start shelling the large building to the right of the chapel. You’ll kill a few, and the infantry will come charging out of ALL buildings except the one to the rear of the castle. As soon as they start to come out of the buildings, QUICKLY double your melee troops (at least some set to hand-to-hand combat) into the courtyard, followed by your cavalry. Pull your cannon back outside the building. You must win this battle on the ground, this is the pivotal moment. It’s such a short distance from the buildings to the entrance, your infantry are almost bound to end up in a hand-to-hand situation. If your cannons are to avoid getting overrun in the tunnel by enemy infantry this has to be done very quickly. Assuming you have won this battle, all you now need to do is to take out the remaining troops still hidden in the large building to the rear, plus any stray cannon/militia that remain. There’s a chance that your cannon battery didn’t survive the attack on the first wave of troops, if so you’d better hope you brought two! You need to position a set of cannon to the left of the now empty chapel so that it can reach the final building but is out of range of the remaining infantry’s rifles. While waiting for this to get into position move your troops and cavalry into support. As before, as soon as the cannons start firing, the Russian infantry will come charging out and are dead meat for you ground forces. Battle won! This strategy can be applied equally wherever the infantry is hiding, though if they are occupying the chapel and not the large building to the right, they will stay inside while you are bombarding them. After about half of them are wiped out and the roof has collapsed, they’ll realize it’s a good idea to come out and fight. That’s when you withdraw the cannon and send in the troops/horses.

9. So, all in all, a pretty easy place to take when you know how, but quite time consuming. Just make sure you have cannons, some cavalry and at least as many infantry as them capable of melee.

Democracy/Absolute Monachy etc

Not much difference really, as you can usually do much the same but in different ways. The advantage of Monarchy/Dictatorship is that you can build field hospitals which restore units to full capacity, like repairing a ship. I'd go for Monarchy. I went for dictatorship once and they took the ex-royal family out the back and shot them! I felt a bit guilty about that!

4th Jan 2007, 18:20
Thanks, that helps alot.

5th Jan 2007, 12:24
I got mixed up a bit with my left and rights!!

When attacking the cannons, walk you calvalry unit up to the LEFT of the entrance and then charge, otherwise they'll come within range of the cannons!

Also, I got a few of the in-castle positions wrong, but I'm sure it's self-explanatory once you've got the place in front of you.