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David 070
30th Dec 2006, 21:48
anyone else think that bears looks soo cool in the trailer!?

i always liked the grizzley bears in tombraider!

i just hope there tougher to kill!!

30th Dec 2006, 22:01
I cant wait to see the T-Rex! The only 2 games with a T-Rex were the first and third, right? The first was way too easy to beat. The second was, eh, not too bad, but running through the water was tricky.

30th Dec 2006, 22:16
There are two T-Rexes on the very first level of Tomb Raider 2 as well.

30th Dec 2006, 22:26
The Wall of China? lol, I never made it past the 2 boulders that roll down and smash Lara. (My sister and I played these games when we were like, 8 and she was 12, so we'd usually go through all the levels first using cheats if we didn't get far after like, 10 minutes. And these cheats were directional, so we didn't play the 2nd too much, because we couldn't get the cheat right, lol.)

My least favorite animal was the crocodile because I'm pretty sure it was in every game and I'm terrified of crocodiles! They're even worse to me than sharks!

6th Jan 2007, 20:15
Neither do the game programmers. Every game that I play, (whether it be tomb raider or some other game) the crocodiles just don't seem to fascinate me. Why?

Well, first off, if you're on land, the croc has to turn his head sideways to bite at the legs. When he does, he's supposed to knock you over. Then, if there's a lake nearby, he'll drag you into it and attempt to drown you. Then, if he's big enough, he'll swallow you whole. If you manage to survive the drowning, the pain caused by digestion will be unbearable.

The crocodile AI in the first tomb raider was simply atrocious.

I kinda liked in TRL (not Total Request Live) how the jaguar actually knocked you over.... However, i kinda wanted the kitty to start mauling her while she was down.... ;)

7th Jan 2007, 20:21
crocs can starve you out too.....if you are unlucky enough to be chased by one don't go up a tree.....it will last longer than you will....you could always attempt to drown them...they a little flap of skin to keep the water out, if you open it you can drown them...ah no good you would lose ya arm:eek:

luckily lara can shoot em form the bank...i'm looking forward to seeing all the animals in the new game

8th Jan 2007, 07:13
Yea, i know...they can slow down their metabolism....

I wonder if anyone's been swallowed whole and alive by a crocodile...

8th Jan 2007, 16:46
what a painful way to go

Cyber Mantis
9th Feb 2007, 05:28
I wonder if anyone's been swallowed whole and alive by a crocodile...

Not very likely since any person small enough to be swallowed whole by a large crocodile would likely be crushed to death in the first 3000 psi snap of its jaws. Crocodile tear off (death roll) bite size chunks when they eat. They are not designed to swallow *large* animals whole like large snakes which have swallowed humans whole, but you would be crushed to death by them long before they try to eat you.

A few people have been (half-swallowed) by Great white sharks, some even survived thanks to luck like the shark bitting down on the scuba and weight vest tasting metal on both sides in the first bite.

But you cant underestimate crocs a big Salt water croc is a very dangerous animal on land or in the water.

9th Feb 2007, 21:29
Ever since I heard bull sharks can live in fresh-water, being at the lake cottage just isn't the same.... YIPE!!!!

9th Feb 2007, 21:35
Don't forget those weird muscle looking creatures towards the end of the game, those used to freak me out.

10th Feb 2007, 20:21
Agreed about the Bear. One of the earliest "classic" moments I recall playing the first Tomb Raider game. It looks like they've captured the Bear sequence perfectly in Anniversary, from the brief sequence we saw it.

10th Feb 2007, 22:23
I thought the bear looked brilliant, and that wolf we saw, (we did see a wolf right?) I can't wait for the game, nice to see back to the old school Tomb Raider, not filled with people shooting at you for some unknown reason.