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David 070
30th Dec 2006, 21:42
hi,what kinds of new moves would u like to see in tra???

me,id like to see:

belly crawling,like in very cramped space.this would make vent crawling more realistic.might also be cool & harder to find ways out of places.

maybe a few more gymnastic moves,theres got to be a few they havent added?
like some moves on double bars?
cartwheels? i know its basic but would look cool
side flip,ordinary front & back flip
& maybe a couple special ones we have to figure out on our own. :)

diving through open windows

& dive to side or slow flip while shooting enemys like in the trailer. :)

30th Dec 2006, 22:08
Well, I loved the combat style in Legend, so keep those moves. As far as other moves, they're pretty much all covered, but I'd also like to see some gymnastic like moves. Maybe a less-complicated way to do a backflip? I kinda miss those side flips, too.

30th Dec 2006, 22:18
Lara turns cartwheels in Legend.

David 070
30th Dec 2006, 22:29
Lara turns cartwheels in Legend.

oh,she does?

i havent played legend in a while because my stupid computers video card is crap!

i plan to buy a brand new pc to play it again + of course to play tra!!!

cant wait to get tra!!

i might buy a pc right after its released just so i can play it at top settings!!! :)

thankyou core & edios!!!!!!!!

31st Dec 2006, 02:35
THe classic side and backflips will do just fine. :) :thumbsup:

31st Dec 2006, 09:20
If you look closely at the teaser trailer you can see Lara jumping on very skinny poles and hopping from one side to the other.

31st Dec 2006, 10:37
I noticed the pole hoping in the video....looks very good.

I hope there are quite a few new moves....i really enjoyed Legend but there were not very many moves.

Scott =]!
31st Dec 2006, 13:58
thankyou core & edios!!!!!!!!

isnt it crystal dynamics?

3rd Jan 2007, 10:16
i hope the stop the silly turning cartwheely type hting when jumping up from a ledge. they are a right bloody pain