View Full Version : PSP help in peru ruins

30th Dec 2006, 04:43
in peru ruins where everything falls... i cant pass it.. i press up and she just stands there... i tried other buttons but nothing still.. anybody know wat the deal is and wat i gotta do?? please help.. thanks:rasp:

30th Dec 2006, 09:04
If I understand you, you are underground. You are past the point where you were in the big room and had to drain all the water, then made it out into a large room. You start to step out, and it starts playing a cinematic. It shows the floor she is standing on starting to crumble and one of the guys on the radio says to move or get out of there or something like that. Then you see a white arrow pointing up and you are moving the movement button "forward" (same control is used for forward & up).

So you do that and then it just ignores the move-up and she dies?

It should continue the cinematic and show a 2nd and 3rd white arrow that show which directions to move the movement pad.

I'm not super familiar (ok, not at all :whistle: ) with the psp controls -- but don't you move a knob up and down and left and right to move?

You use the same knob as you use for normal movement.

You may remember -- you have already been through one of these interactive cinematics on the first "level" in Bolivia. After the box-puzzle room and before the evil-coat-hanger room there's a cinematic, as well, that you had to press arrows to avoid a trap. It's the same type of movement in Peru.

If you aren't where I describe, then forget what I said and maybe you can try to re-explain where you are at?

When you go through an interactive cinematic and enter the movement direction on the gamepad movement knob, there is a faint, high pitched bell, (*ding*).

Good luck...