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Mad Lizzy
29th Dec 2006, 15:43
there is a puzzle in england which i can't get past is where there is King Arthur in glass and surrounded by coffins, in the room there is a high platform ,half a coffin that i can move, a chandeler that i have to grapple and a rope, with a bell and a big bottle attatched to the end. i don't know what to do.
it would be nice if i have some help, PPLLEEASSSEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused:

29th Dec 2006, 15:57
Goddamn........ check this link....


29th Dec 2006, 17:21
Lunideth, show a little tolerance and politeness. :rolleyes: Perhaps people aren't taking the trouble to look for appropriate threads instead of starting their own, and its great that you are offering your video help, but you don't have to be so rude in most of your responses. I believe TREEBLE mentioned this to you as well. Chill dude.

30th Dec 2006, 00:36
Not sure how much help you want, but for just a hint -- you need to get the chandelier to ring the bell. The bell is on the floor -- so you need to figure out how to raise it and how to make the chandelier hit it.

Good luck, :D

Mad Lizzy
30th Dec 2006, 16:06
Thanks so much for the help, if u ever need help, i'll give u a helping hand:thumbsup:

P.S.If it dsn't work, i'll let u know.:D :)