View Full Version : england sea serpant HELLP

29th Dec 2006, 06:30
does anyone know how to kill the serpant..i know u have to get the bells to ring then pull the lever using ur grapple...i got 3 bells but the last one in the far right i cant get the lever to release the cage thing that hits the serpant on head...i handle pulls but the gears dont move...I NEED HELLP

29th Dec 2006, 08:36
Try here...

and learn to read ok???

30th Dec 2006, 09:34
you probebly have the bug i had.
do you play on pc or platform??
if on pc i suggest to get a savegame file online because yours is most likely corrupted.
if you used the grapple in the room before you go inside the tomb this bug will happen.
good luck !!

30th Dec 2006, 11:47
Try here...

and learn to read ok???

What should he learn to read? :confused:

Perhaps, if you read the posters question more carefully, you would see that the video you refer to doesn't answer his question. :rasp:

cman -- I have never seen the symptom you are describing: You have the cage in the up, unreleased position, then you attach the handle with the grapple, and you pull on it -- and the handle comes down, but the cage doesn't drop? :eek:

Did you investigate or try any of the handles/gears before you entered the castle? I've heard that can cause strange problems due to some game bug. Only recourse is to restore from the last save point before you first came into the lake (via the waterfall). :mad2: :rolleyes: