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28th Dec 2006, 19:29
I'm stuck with the three crates. I've tried everything to get the two crates up but I can not do it!! Any help such as where the crates sould be on the see saw, and where should I jump from?

28th Dec 2006, 19:44
Hi tikka. You had to pull one crate from under the see-saw. Push that crate onto that end of the see-saw. The crate may slide down a bit. Once you've done that, climb out of the water and go to where you are close to the other end of the see-saw. Jump as close to the end of the see-saw as you can, not in the middle of the see-saw. The crate should go flying up to where you need it. Good luck.

30th Dec 2006, 00:47
you need to get out of the lower area and back up to that stone part
that sticks out into the room (like a pier). Goto the end closest to the middle of the room. Go up on the highest part on the left (if facing from the door you entered) and face out over the see-saw to the high end (should be the end closest to you if you have a crate on the other end). Jump from there.

p.s. -- you can solve the puzzle with only 2 boxes -- you don't need to
raise the 3rd box.

2nd Jan 2007, 20:05
go to the bottom, kill the jaguar, then push the crate to the ramp, first remove the crate which is under the ramp, once you load the crate, go to the bridge-like thing, and jump off from there to the other end of the ramp, and the box will go UP! do that with the other box too, then places the crates in their pads, and your done!

6th Mar 2007, 16:15

7th Mar 2007, 15:31

Yeah, if ya get 2 boxes in place, your body will trigger the third.

8th Mar 2007, 07:07
go to the bottom, kill the jaguar

What is it with you guys...everytime you turn around you have to kill those poor animals. :eek: You didn't realize that part of the game was to see if you can get through the game without killing any animals? That's when you win the Malibu-Lara doll complete with Ken and Skipper! :D


8th Mar 2007, 07:27

Yeah, if ya get 2 boxes in place, your body will trigger the third.

Still working on the 1 box solution -- getting the jaguar to sit & stay
on the sea-saw long enough to be flipped up on the top then getting it to sit down & take nap on one of the pressure pads.

I think it involves picking trapping those little bird twitting about while you go upstream and using them as bait to lure the cat to the appropriate spots. Finding a ancient scroll of of the animal shaman in the first old ruins seem essential to communicate intentions.

Then there's the boulder work-around in Ghana -- if you find the adamantium gem in the pool of water before you enter and if you can exactly locate where the giant ball drops down and starts rolling at you, then place the gem, the ball cracks right in two.

But all of these extras are nearly impossible to find :whistle: --- have to be an extreme permutation of quantum physic states -- but you don't get to the disruption of quantum physics until Kazakstan when you've activated the experiment and time travel and alteration of reality become possible.

Then there's the trippy alternate ending where she manages to stop Amanda yelling through the portal to pull out the sword before the mystery woman on the other end does so -- causing her permanent disappearance before the young Lara, changing her life forever.

Then everything feels like it is being both sucked inward, spin down -- like being sucked into a maelstrom whirlpool rotating counter-clockwise as the "dream" is unwound and Lara finds herself as a kid right back just before she is just about to touch the sword. Then a look of wonder spreads across her face about the terrible fate that is in store if she touches the sword -- and, she pauses, and runs back out at her mother's calls to give her a hug and talk about the bad adventure-dream that she's just had.

Lara grows up w/her mum & dad, and dad doesn't go down destructive path searching for wife...everything is different. Lara becomes a fashion model eventually becoming an ace reporter investigating the paranormal...

But the chances of triggering that cut scene -- well, nearly infinite odds against -- the quantum perturbations that would have to all line up together, at the same time, to enable a full 20+ year rewind...well. It would just be "magic"...

;) A*a

8th Mar 2007, 16:38
And now you're yankin' my chain Astara.

I'd love to see you put up a movie of that Jaguar getting flipped off the lever.

Yeah Right!


You might get the nine year olds here to buy into that but not us old geezers.


8th Mar 2007, 23:48
B, how could you think such a thing? Moi?

I did mention that the chances of of these happenings were on the order of some extremely [arcane] quantum states...you know the type. The ones that lead to parallel realities where every choice not taken in our universe is played out in a parallel reality (ala 'Sliders', or as glimpsed in "Dr.Who" and as occasionally used as plot device in 'Enterprise' and maybe ST:Voyager).

Would love to get the movie, but :rolleyes: I have a feeling that if I got the recording the quantum decay rate on the recording would prevent my duplicating the recording of the alternate happenings onto this reality's internet -- but you got my promise -- if I ever have my Brownie, er, camera recording when these alternate events happen I'll attempt to post 'em right off! :D