View Full Version : Can't run hitman

28th Dec 2006, 18:28
I just upgraded my graphics card from geforce 5500 to geforce 7600 and now I everytime I try to play the game I get hitmanbloodmoney.exe has encountered a problem and must close. I have reinstalled the program and reinstalled the graphics driver and have no other idea what to do. HELP please:nut:

3rd Jan 2007, 02:44
Well, this seems to work for getting Hitman to open up. Go to "start" > click on "Run" > type in 'MSCONFIG" > HIT OK ......In system Config window click on "Startup" then click "Disable All" .....click Ok and then reboot your computer (Restart). see if this works for you; it did for me (I must admit though that I did not play either Hitman or Fable all the way through to see if anything else didn't work, but both games seemed like they would work using this method). You will have to re-enable your startup and reboot again when you finish with the game. Good Luck...... RonE...:cool:

22nd Dec 2007, 11:08
dont wanna gravedig but if you do that all the **** that you do will go off and you cant start up again