View Full Version : Help! Bolivia PSP

27th Dec 2006, 17:37
Please Help I'm in Bolivia and I'm in the ruins I an't find a way to proceed Can someone Help ppppllllllzzzzz!!!


27th Dec 2006, 17:51
Hi rachyz. We're here to help, but you'll have to give us more information as to where you are. There are various things to climb and swing on and open.

27th Dec 2006, 17:54
You know how in the ruins when you've got past the men with guns. Past the booby traps and into this room where the door closes.

I can't find a way to get the cage up onto the platform

27th Dec 2006, 18:30
Ok, in the room there's a see-saw thing. Drag the cage onto the end, then climb up onto the ledge and jump onto the other end of the see-saw to catapault the cage onto the ledge. Hope that helped :)

27th Dec 2006, 18:37
Thank You!:D :):rolleyes: