View Full Version : Help!!!!!! in Cornwall, England - Mission 6

Mad Lizzy
27th Dec 2006, 16:39
I really need help in England where there is a yellow crate lifter because I went down a steep bit and I need the yellow crate lifter back up where I last had it but I can't push it back up. Does that small area above me in the top part have a reward in it? or does it help me lift the gate? would really appreciate any help coz it's driving me potty!!! :mad2:

27th Dec 2006, 17:05
Hi Lizzy. I think I know the small area you are talking about, but I can't remember what is in there. As far as I know there is no way to get the forklift back up. You would have to load a previous savegame if you've been saving your games as you progress. If not, you can try the following links for walkthroughs and savegames. Perhaps someone else may provide a useful tip for you.


27th Dec 2006, 20:58
In there you'll find a silver reward IIRC.

To raise the gate down in the hidden corridors, simply put the forks underneath it and raise them. :D

Mad Lizzy
28th Dec 2006, 12:46
Thank you so much for the help, because I was about to chuck my console (PS2) out the window!!!
I will see if it's gonna help me, but I'm sure it's gonna help.