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27th Dec 2006, 14:59
I actually used this tweak for battlefield 2, and it seems to have rev'd up alot of my other games. One being just cause.

The tweak has solved my stuttering problems with my 128mb 9800 pro, and just cause is now absolutely playable.

Tweak is as follows,

WARNING though, please read it carefully, the tweak adjusts your BIOS, and a wrong move can corrupt your pc. However if done carefully it is very easy.

Id only advise using the tweak if you have 768mb or more ram.

How do you do it?

Step 1: *If you have any computer/motherboard documentation it would be useful to have it at hand now in-case you need it. You may have problems if you own a computer that is a Dell or similar.* First thing to do, is to restart your computer, so make a note of these points or print them off.

Step 2: As it is starting up, and I mean right at the start when it makes the funny noises, before the windows screen, you need to press the "Delete" key. It is different on some computers, but most of the time it is the "Delete" key. If you do not know what key your computer uses, either look in the documentation or look at the bottom of the screen and it should say something like "press ... to enter setup". If you find you can't get into the setup, Restart, wait 1 to 2 seconds, then keep pressing delete in regular intervals until a setup fills the screen ( you'll know when you see it)

Step 3: When you are in the setup (or BIOS) you will need to have a little scout around. Look at the instructions for getting around at the bottom and make yourself familiar with them. DO NOT CHANGE ANY OTHER SETTINGS! I cannot stress this enough! The setting you will need to find is called "AGP Aperture" or "AGP Aperture Size". In most motherboards it will be under something like "Advanced Chipset Features" or "Advanced Memory Features". Use your brain, have a look, and you are bound to find it. When you have located it there should be a figure next to it, in MB or megabytes. SEE BELOW

Step 4: You will need to change this number to 256MB, or as high as it will go up to 256MB.

Step 5: When you have changed this, look at the bottom for the "Save changes and Exit" keys, In most cases, press F10 and then Esc to exit.

Step 6: When you have exited, it will automatically restart and your new setting will be effective immediately! Enjoy!

I cannot take credit for the tweak, but it helped me alot so I thought id share.

You could also download and run 'End it all', it stops all unneccesary processes on your demand.

ohh lastly, can anyone tell me where on the map to find the big shipyard, where the minisub can be found. Thanks

1st Jan 2007, 18:50
Very funny. That guide refers only to AGP.
What about PCI-Express ? :scratch:

Has anyone got a final solution for that annoying stuttering problem ?
I mean, running game smoothly about 30-50 min, then game begins to stutter.