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26th Dec 2006, 23:33
I am stuck in Bolivia, where there are 3 crates. I was able to lift the 2 crates and placed them in the pad. The gate opened, I do not know where and how to climb the gate to go to the next phase. Newbie here. Please help!

26th Dec 2006, 23:38
Goddamn... why you think i created video help topic.... ou jee ofcource i created it for fun, so everytim someone needs halp they create new topic... yes that is why i created it.... or maybe no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After you put all cages in places you need to jump on left chain.

Here you can see how its done, but this is also gold spoiler so if you want to find gold reward yourself dont watch this video

26th Dec 2006, 23:48
At ease Lunideath, it's a new member and a first post. ;)

26th Dec 2006, 23:53
OK.. sry...

2nd Jan 2007, 14:54
you have to climb up the chains. but the mechanism can be calibrated to the chians make it easiar to jump to the ledge

2nd Jan 2007, 19:55
All you have to do is get the 3 crates onto its corresponding pads. The 2 crates at the bottom, use the ramp to get them up, I recommend loading one crate, then get to a high point close, and jump to the other end of the ramp.

14th Jan 2007, 01:34
Where Is The Ramp To Get The Two Other Crates Up To The Pads?

Sorry Am So New At This

rabid metro
15th Jan 2007, 07:39
Where Is The Ramp To Get The Two Other Crates Up To The Pads?

Sorry Am So New At This


awhile back, Archimedes once said:

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.

unfortunately, that ramp/lever like thingy in the floor (somewhat to the left of center) isn't long enough to slide the crates upto the upper deck.

after killing tabby, perhaps lara will be feeling jumpy and, in a leap of faith, might actually toss a crate upto the upper deck ... (wicked laughter) :lol:

seriously dude, the scale of this room actually tips things in your favor, if you know what i mean ...;)
... consider the two crates. they slide, right?

they say that jumping to conclusions can be a good idea at times ... :rolleyes: (snort)

15th Jan 2007, 17:36
Lol clever, rabid metro, and the laughing and snorting are a nice touch.