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the taffer
25th Dec 2006, 21:36
I was fooling around with dromed, just experimenting, and now when I add any creature they have their arms out and legs straight down and not moving. I can go near them and frob them, and pick them up. It says corpse. I can hear them talk before and after i pick them up. I do not know what I did wrong at all. Also i can not see garrett use any items such as blackjack, sword, bow and arrows etc. I tried opening an OM in dromed and it did the same thing. I saw garretts arm under the front of the mansion in the first mission for some odd reason. I noticed when i switched weapons garretts arm would pull that item out but still stays under the world near the front of the mansion.

26th Dec 2006, 15:28
It sounds like convict.osm and/or gen.osm have gone missing, or at least, been unloaded from the missions, but if you unloaded them from an OM chances are you'd know you did that.

Hopefully you backed up any files that you made changes to.
If you still have the two .osm files you can try the commands script_load convict and script_load gen

Regarding the arm, it sounds like you've used the command player_detach_arm. This puts the arm at 0,0,0, which in miss1, is just below the front of the mansion.
Using the command again should re-attach the arm to the camera.