View Full Version : M4 help!!!!!!!!!!

25th Dec 2006, 20:12
I'm playing Hitman2:Sillent Assasin.I have question:I completed game but I can't collect only one weapon M4(or M16) .Where can I get this rifle?

18th Jan 2007, 12:51
Thank you very much for help! I've found M4. I can see that every one plays Hitman useing cheats.:mad:
Thanks for help :lmao:

3rd Jun 2007, 15:05
Ive got it without cheating, just no tactics and a mad dash

22nd Sep 2007, 11:25
There's two ways to get it. The first, and earliest opportunity is to get Silent Assassin in all four of the Russian Missions, though you will also earn it if you complete ALL the missions in any one area (Japan, India, etc.)

The other way is on Motorcade Interception, after the hit, the UN guards and the locals get into a firefight. Pick one up off one of the fallen UN soldiers and run like hell. (Note, the mission parameters only state YOU can't harm any UN soldiers.)