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23rd Dec 2006, 19:53
Hello everyone,

I must first apologize, as I am not new to TRLE: I used it for quite some time a few years ago, and I knew how do most everything then...

But, I am having trouble with converting changes to my script files. I checked in the manual, and when I use any MS-DOS command (the script or easylife) I get the following error message:

C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsof windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

[/LEFT]The only other option I have other than close is terminate; both lead to closing of the program and no new script.dat, etc, output files.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am runnings Windows XP, and I have no idea why there'd be this problem.


23rd Dec 2006, 23:13
what exactly is it you are doing with the script? And how are you doing it? Give as much detail as you can.

24th Dec 2006, 00:50
->I have added a new WAD.
->Changed in the SCRIPT file one of the data files to my new TOM. (i.e.: Changed Tomb of Seth data output file from SETTOMB to NEWWAD).
->Go to output the new scripts in the dir:\Script, by following the directions in the manual. That is, running the script MS-DOS command prompts.
->From that point, I get the error message previously stated.

Thanks for your help!

24th Dec 2006, 01:18
Perhaps Windows 95/98 compatibility would work?

24th Dec 2006, 08:56
Did you also make changes to the 'English' file as well. If you've changed any names or words that appear in the 'English' file list, then these have to be changed too.
If it's not that, perhaps you could post the before and after script changes here.

24th Dec 2006, 12:28
I've uploaded the ms-dos batch file I'm usng with win xp home edition. Give it a try, extract it into your script folder and double click to run it. The new script & english dat files will be placed into the trle root folder for you.


24th Dec 2006, 21:55
Another link, from GMac


ABC fatty
28th Dec 2006, 23:22
how do u add sky graphics and horizons?

29th Dec 2006, 09:43
So kind of you to edit out the embarrassing posts moderator....

29th Dec 2006, 09:48
yes, unfortunately they are