View Full Version : New BattleStations: Midway gameplay video and screenshots [21/12]

21st Dec 2006, 20:35
Eidos Interactive today has released a new Gameplay Video and 6 new Panoramic screenshots from BattleStations: Midway that comes out this January 18th, 2007 on PC and Xbox360.

Click HERE (http://www.qgamo.com/games/battlestationsmidway/pscreens.asp) to view the 6 new Panoramic screenshots (Quicktime needed).

Click HERE (http://www.qgamo.com/games/battlestationsmidway/movies.asp) to view the new Gameplay Video in HD quality.

Click HERE (http://www.qgamo.com/games/battlestationsmidway/pinupgirls.asp) to view the new Pin Up Girl - Joelle!

Source: QGAMO.com (http://www.qgamo.com)

Alpha Wolfgang
21st Dec 2006, 20:39
the videos wont work...

21st Dec 2006, 21:11
Sorry.. Updated the link.. works now... happy viewing :)

23rd Dec 2006, 01:16
if anyone is interested, the tulagi walkthrough video just went up on the x-box live marketplace, just thought you should know

23rd Dec 2006, 13:37
Oh I got to see that in High Def :D