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21st Dec 2006, 07:08
Hey all,
Still working on Maguire 2, haven't touched it because I've been busy in grad school. I'm on break so thought I'd give it a whirl. Anyway, I have GarrettLoader now, and I don't know if it has to do with anything, but I was attempting to get some new paintings onto my gamesys and use some new objects, but when they load - they load as the parent object only. So, if I create a new portrait based on Truart Portrait (but has different name and Shape-model name), it shows Truart's portrait and not my new one. I've already brighted them. I edited the bin file to create new one. I don't get what the problem is. Same occurred with a door I made. It showed the normal gatesmall, but not my new gate (until I created the original one, then the other reverted). Also, with the door, when I created the new one, it created as 7 foot door instead of small gate (which is 4 ft height) until I created the original small gate. What the heck is going on here????:confused:

21st Dec 2006, 15:41
GarrettLoader is an FM loading program, except that as well as Thief 1 and 2, it also does Thief 3, SS2, proably the Dark Mod and quite a lot of other things.

For the objects it's hard to tell what's wrong from your description, so I'll just say a few things and hope something is relevant:

Custom .bin files should go in Thief2\obj\

If you're not going to use the original objects texture, you can just give your own texture the same name as the original. Save it in Thief2\obj\txt16

To make a bin file use a different texture, open it with a hex editor (do not use a text editor). Near the beginning will be the texture name(s). Replace the original texture name with your texture name, but make sure the new one has the same number of characters as the old one.
You can also change the name of the bin file so that the original one can still be used.

Often you have to restart Dromed for it to be able to find new resources.

22nd Dec 2006, 02:59
Unfortunately, I know all of that. Dangit, I wonder what is happening then? When I reload, I get a triangle. I save the gamesys and everything. I've made plenty of my own custom textured objects before but I am hitting a barrier here. When I open Dromed, the last game I played on GarrettLoader automatically loads. Is Garrettloader similar to DarkLoader in that I have to somehow reinstall the original before I exit the loader (after playing a FM)??:scratch:

22nd Dec 2006, 10:11
Is Garrettloader similar to DarkLoader in that I have to somehow reinstall the original before I exit the loader (after playing a FM)Yes.

23rd Dec 2006, 07:12
I thought as much, but I've been fighting to attempt to do just that and it has not been effective as of yet, though I suspect it does not matter now since I've already Dromeded and such without uninstalling the FMs first. Dangit! Now, to figure out just how to reinstall originals on the Loader...(off to search for instructions). Thanks. I knew, I just knew that I needed to reinstall the originals but I couldn't figure out how to so I just didn't. Man, I probably have to reinstall everything now (I hope not). If I didn't love Dromeding I would just lay it all down for good.:nut:

23rd Dec 2006, 08:06
Okay, I've got one reskin (bin file and tex file) in the Thief 2 folder. I open Dromed, Add the reskin under the painting which closest matches size and shape I desire. Then I edit the addition to the model name (bin filename). I save the gamesys and Create the reskin in the world so I can see it. It instead shows (every single time) A Paint 25 6x3.5. Then I Create the original painting the reskin is supposed to follow (in this case a Paint 19 3.5x6), and the reskin morphs into a Paint 19. Then I have two paint 19's and no reskin. I have reloaded the mis and closed dromed (reopened it and reloaded mis) as well, but it makes no difference. I tried copying the gamesys from my Lovely Night FM and was able to view one old reskin. Then I saved the gamesys with a different name, and added the custom reskin in hopes it would work. It did exactly the same as above, and to top it off, when I tried viewing the old reskins - they too turned into Paint 25's. WTF???

23rd Dec 2006, 18:33
You have also used the set_gamesys command haven't you?

It sounds like it cannot find the bin file. Actually look in your obj folder and make sure you can see the .bin file in there.

Maybe the object isn't being converted properly. Perhaps you should convert it to 3ds and look at it in Anim8or or something.

24th Dec 2006, 12:33
Good idea! Thanks! Ironically, I have to wait until I have time - again. :lol:

Merry Christmas

18th Jul 2007, 20:42
Unfortunately, nothing has changed, and this is after I've reinstalled the original gamesys just in case mine was corruped. I can't help but believe that these issues stem from garrettloader and darkloader, because when I wasn't using them this never happened. I begin using those two programs, though, and all hell is breaking loose with Dromed. I know Dromed and I know the loaders, the obvious answers have already been tried, if anyone else has issues with reskinning like this and have found a not-so-obvious solution, let me know, i beg you. I don't know what to do anymore. I know how to do it correctly, but I'm still getting the same results six months later! :mad2: I can't get any reskins or custom objects that I create to appear ingame or in dromed, it turns into the parent object and when I reload the file, it is a triangle. Yes, i use set and save_gamesys, but I save the mis afterwards as a mis. I can't figure this out, guys. Plus, sometimes, my new objects that I save in the gamesys sometimes disappear, but I know they are somewhere because when I attempt to recreate the obj it gets named Object #9999 or what-have-you (meaning the obj name already exists). There's gotta to be something I'm missing or overlooking, but its making me get closer to just hanging up my cloak with Dromeding. Also, it seems that these problems also coincide with me using an actual bin editor instead of the one that comes with Windows systems - its called Free Hex Editor. I wonder if that is the issue??

18th Jul 2007, 21:32
What happens if you try to use a custom object made by somebody esle?
Try installing my Wheelbarrow Mk 2 from my objects page (http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/another_website/obj.html)

This is unlikely, but possible:
Dromed expects your .gam to be in Thief2\ and not in any subdirectory.
Say your first custom .gam was put in there, and then you made more changes, and put the next version in a subdirectory (say, Thief2\gamesys\).
When you load the mission, it'll find the old .gam because that's the only one in the correct folder. Yes, I said it was unlikely.

Can you upload the mission somewhere, then PM me the link? Or email it. PM me and I can send you my address (but I'd prefer to get it from a website if you have your own webspace).

18th Jul 2007, 21:32
On top of that, I tried an old gamesys, and the reskins that already exist in my thief2 folder are reading just fine. I am creating them exactly the same, but they won't save to any gamesys correctly, however, reskins that are years old are usable and seeable.Of course, the old reskins have the model name listed at the bottom, like it is its own archetype. That is not happening with the new ones. I don't get it.:scratch:

18th Jul 2007, 21:34
Rsoul, i'm going to put a link on my website just for you, give me a couple of minutes to get it up there. I am desparate and was hoping someone would offer to take a look.

And, in answer to #1, I just put your delicious looking ham sandwich on the same gamesys and it is perfect. I saved gamesys, then the mis, closed and reopened and it was still there. Looks like this problem applies to reskins of painting and such (the wheelbarrow had no download link), but not certain custom objects. Ironically, my own (custom self-created) doors revert to parent objects too.

Maybe it is the creator, and not Dromie? :(((

The mission is very big, still in creation and not even close to being fanzipped yet, so all i can do is give you gamesys and objects.

25th Jul 2007, 23:14
Okay, figured it out. It was the editor I was using. For one thing (I don't know if this makes a difference) it was a hex editor. For another thing, when I altered a file and closed it, the program thought the file was still open, so when i opened another and edited it, it would save the new name over the old file. Each one I opened, the changed gif name would save onto the bin file before it. Thank goodness, I would never have found it if not for RSoul, thanks man.:thumbsup: Back to edit.com /76 for me, my good ole buddy. Aaand, that wasn't the only problem, the editor I was using didn't save them as bins either.