View Full Version : Just Cause launch immediate crash - possible solution

20th Dec 2006, 18:33
I have seen reported on this forum that people have been experiencing a crash when starting just cause. If you "view details" on the windows crash error it will mention something about kernel.dll. I have seen it mentioned on this website that you can resolve the problem by removing a certain windows update. However people who have not installed this update an so cannot uninstall it still experience the problem. I guess this is because the update was installed as part of a larger update or installed as part of the original windows install. To cut a long story short microsoft have released a hotfix that anyone can install whether or not you have installed the original update.

details of the problem can be found here:


The hotfix is found here:


This worked for me. I apologise if this information has already been posted I'm not a regular user of these forums and do not have the time to search myself.

I hope this helps someone. Let me know if you have some success!


8th Jan 2007, 18:28
the way u said didn't work.I downloaded the hotfix and installed it and yet nothing,then uninstalled it and yet,nothing.I assume this is a certain hardware glitch/seriously tiny hole in xp(thats why none has any idea what it really is)..
I hope the admins of the forum would kindly bring this in the attention of the programmers..I have suffered too long (3 months)..
p.s: this was posted before..and was proved worthless too.

14th Jan 2007, 17:23
My PC was a brand new XP install with this problem and the hotfix above did the job. I imagine there must be several problems giving the same symptoms hence why nobody can find an answer that works for everyone. Its pretty sad that the programmers haven't just pulled their thumb out their ass and put out a v1.1 as there are obviously many problems. At the end of the day Eidos should have applied some pressure as its making them look bad!

20th Jan 2007, 16:45
This is game is being reported of having problems every day..the programmers are silent..some us are UNABLE TO PLAY The game..and yet no fixed solutions or a patch...i really expected better from eidos but i guess you guys ate too much coke and are busy farting!!
please prove me wrong