View Full Version : No Unfortunate Mishaps in GameCube Version?

18th Dec 2006, 22:46
Hi, all. Is it true that the Unfortunate Mishaps video is not included in the GameCube version of Legend? If that is true, I wonder why. Does the GC game have any extra features the others don't?

19th Dec 2006, 20:12
Yeah, it is indeed missing, and so are a few options in the options menu and the rolling demos. The most logical assumption would be because the GameCube optical disc can hold only up to 1.8GB.

There are no extras to compensate the lack of those or the long time we had to wait, but heck, Legend got Cubed! That's more than enough for me! :D

I added more detailed tidbits of info regarding this and the GBA version at Wikipedia's entry for Tomb Raider Legend, still hoping someone can expand onto the PSP and DS version though. :)

20th Dec 2006, 01:07
Thanks, Treeble. You're a lifesaver, as always. :D I've added this and the other helpful info you provided on the Game Cube game to my walkthrough. In case anyone needs it, the start page is http://tombraiders.net/stella/tomb7.html.