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18th Dec 2006, 21:03
New to Tombraider Ledgend here. Second day of play. Have just started the Peru level, center plaza, and after killing all the baddies there seems to be nothing left to do but kick a couple barrels around trying to hold up one end of the cart while kicking the other into it so I can jump up to the balcony.

Getting the one barrel to stay in the cart is proving frustrating and even boring. Is there anything else to do here, and if so...where?

Like I said, all the baddies appear dead and I've blown up everything including the contents of the 6by Truck. I've propped up the buliding end of the cart and getting real frustrated trying to kick the second one into it and get it to stay. :confused:

Regards and thanx. :whistle:

18th Dec 2006, 21:55
There should be a flagpole nearby the truck. Climb it up and hop onto the balcony where the railing is broken. Then move to the right and a symbol will appear overhead - a signal you can jump and use your grapple to swing to the next balcony (press jump again while in midair), where the guy with a shotgun comes from.

Inside, kick/shoot down the next door and you're back on track. :)

19th Dec 2006, 15:03
Thanx for the help TREEBLE.