View Full Version : Official date dated!!!

18th Dec 2006, 16:22
January 30, 2007


Look at that!!! made Yahoo news!!! This is going to be such a big game:D

18th Dec 2006, 16:27
that means it will most likly be out on the 2nd of Feb in the UK (games always get released on fridays here)

18th Dec 2006, 19:43
also means there should be a demo up soon, most demos usually come out about a month before release :D

18th Dec 2006, 19:57
also means there should be a demo up soon, most demos usually come out about a month before release :D
ya this is killing me, at school right now we are talking about the pacific and all the battles i'm going to die if this demo doesnt come out soon:mad2:

Just Cause
18th Dec 2006, 22:06
Finals week, got out of school early here. Well, as happy I am to see that this game got a releasedate, im not so sure I can get it as im getitng a PS3 and I will have no money. Darn, but I hope I can get it...

18th Dec 2006, 23:53
You'll love the PS3. Be sure to DL the demo to Motor Storm and Lemmings!

19th Dec 2006, 00:26
glad they finally have a official release date

Alpha Wolfgang
19th Dec 2006, 02:06
So close!!! yet... so FAR!!!! jan 30, just past my birthday too!!!

demo on (or before) the 22nd please? :D

19th Dec 2006, 02:10
demo on (or before) the 22nd please? :D

i would like it to be before, sometime around now:D

19th Dec 2006, 09:03
No demo before christmas, the community manager says so in one of the threads

19th Dec 2006, 13:34
Hmmm....the press release only mentions release for the XBox 360, and not the PC. Hopefully the PC will be released too....that's what Kier said, anyway.


Iron Sound
19th Dec 2006, 18:02
Hmmm let me see what I have planned for the first two weeks of February *shreds month of February from calendar*
Nothing now! :)

19th Dec 2006, 19:48
why dont they update the site, you would think this would be new, good news to read!

19th Dec 2006, 22:24
they always seem to be a bit slow updating the main site, that’s why we get most of our new information from other sites (and keir :D )

Alpha Wolfgang
19th Dec 2006, 22:59
i meant january 22 for the demo (thats my bday, so getting a kickass demo of BM would be a treat!

20th Dec 2006, 00:21
It'd be nice. Wish upon a star man.