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17th Dec 2006, 11:56
Hi everybody,
i'm a new player of strike force and already get stuck in the first mission.I really don't know what to do or where to look anymore.Who can help me pls.
I got a few questions:
1- how to open the door of the house where the 3 hosstages are?I killed all guards, been on the first floor but now i don't know anymore.
2- can is still check bodies,boxes and other things for usefull things like in the previous commandos?
3- are there somewhere websites where i can find walkthroughs and hints how to play a mission or maybe possebilities to have chats with players of CSF ?
I really hope someone can at least help me with the first question.

Thx for ur time,Foexie

18th Dec 2006, 07:57
Hello, welcome to the forum.

I'll try to answer your questions.
1) You can open the door with the [USE] button. Look in your control settings and search out which control it is. Then, to open a door, stand close to the door and move your mouse over the door until you see something along the lines of "Open Door - Press xxx".
2) No.
3) Not that I know of.

I suggest you should read through the game manual to find out more about Commandos Strike Force.

18th Dec 2006, 16:36
Konnan thx for the answers.
But to resume my first question;i do know how to open doors in the game.
My problem i have now is "simple":I just don't know how to continue the game from this stage.
Maybe i have to look for something or make a move around the building.As i said i killed all enemies and now i'm looking for a way to get the three prisoners free.
I'm sure i did overlooked something but don't know what.

regards foexie

18th Dec 2006, 18:12
Maybe this helps you out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mypiPWts-88

18th Dec 2006, 23:30
Hi foexie,

1. You need to stand up and press "F" (PC version) to open the doors. You can also look through the peephole by crouching and pressing "F"

2. You cannot take thinking like smokes or other objects from dead bodies like you could in previous commandos games. There are occations where you can swap guns and the spy can take uniforms. Again to do think you need to have you crosshair on the body/gun and hit "F"

3. Just google Commandos Strike Force Walkthrough,

19th Dec 2006, 12:59
Now at least i know what to do.
First starting to change my video-options i guess because i can hardly see something on the screen because of the darkness.Guess that's why i cant see what i'm doing inside the house.And couldn't find the stairs and door downstairs.
Will certainly keep that website.
Thx a lot konnan.

20th Dec 2006, 07:49
You're welcome :).