View Full Version : Minor amusement: Lara's shadow escapes

17th Dec 2006, 02:33
Anyone remember Peter Pan and how he has problems at beginning of the story with his shadow running off -- it moves separately from him.

Well, got reminded of that when I was trying out the "Amanda" look. I noticed it in a couple of places. I noticed it the most when I was swinging hand-over-hand on the chain crossing box-puzzle room in lvl1-bolivia. As I swung (looks more like a swing when one is pressing the "Interact" key to speed up movement), I saw a distinctly odd image on the wall to my left. It moved in time with my movements, yet it wasn't "me".

Here I was, "Amanda", moving along the chain, but to my left was someone else's shadow seemed to be attached to me, "shadowing" me :whistle:. The shadow's pony tail was distinctly different compared to the "short cut" that Amanda wears.


p.s. -- Anyone else "bummed" out about not being able to wear the bikini when one is out "caving" or exploring? `Sides, such an outfit would certainly give Lara an edge in some battles -- think of the various male opponents that would get distracted...:lol: Along those lines, I can see Lara responding to Rutland's "Mr. Smartypants" line "Bet you wish you could do that" (nya nya nya :rasp: ), with a "Well, I bet you wish you could do this..." as she takes off an overcoat and is wearing her bikini underneath. Then as he's distracted...*bopp*...:D