View Full Version : Lara's lookalike anniversary shot

13th Dec 2006, 20:55
whilst meddling with some screenshots i noticed a striking resemblance between Lara in this screenshot and a rather famous young lady who adorned many a red blooded males wall in the 70's

what do you think......rachel welch or what?



13th Dec 2006, 21:19
what do you think......rachel welch or what?

you mean Raquel,... and good spot.

she's a bit 'done up' these days, but still would get a triple glance from me.

14th Dec 2006, 14:41
what a doofus...yes raquel i thought i had spell checked it too......

Sophia Leigh
15th Dec 2006, 01:48
Good spotting Linny, she really does look like Legend Lara, especially the nose. I wonder if whoever designed the Legend Lara has a thing for Raquel in their youth? I guess noone made this comparison before because Racquel is much older now and wouldn't easily come to mind.