View Full Version : Help please in Nepal.

12th Dec 2006, 16:04
I am playing the PC version and need help in Nepal.Right at the start of this level you have to run across a ramp that collapses and then jump onto a pole.Well for me this pole collapses before I can do a swing to jump to the next ledge.I've had many many goes and allways fall down the precipice.

Anyone else had a problem here and how did you get over it?


12th Dec 2006, 16:32
As soon as you grab the pole start hitting the jump button rapidly. Usually you would have to make lara make one turn and press jump only then.

12th Dec 2006, 21:43
Also, as you jump off the slide, keep pushing forward so she'll already have some momentum when she grabs the pole. :)

13th Dec 2006, 10:20
Thyanks for the advice I will give it a go.It's so annoying to have to go back to the start when you fail and do the whole thing over and over again.The guy's voice you hear as Lara moves along the ledge is now driving me mad!!!!