View Full Version : Hitman Won't Start - "Original Disc"

11th Dec 2006, 15:34
I recently bought a eVGA 7950 GT graphics card with came with Hitman: Blood Money, right after installing the game I patched it to v1.2.

When I try to start Hitman: Blood Money I get a message--

Wrong disc inserted.
Please insert the original "Hitman Blood Money english" CD/DVD.
Please have a look at http://www.securom.com/message.asp?m=wrongdisc for further, more detailed information.

I tried sending an email to securom support with an analysis file but I never got a response.

I think that I probably wouldn't have got this message if I hadn't patched but I want to play the fixed version of hitman so I won't crash as much.

12th Dec 2006, 18:29
The game shouldnt crash, patch 1.2 was only released to enable shadder compatbility with old video cards (SM 2.0) such has the nvidia FX cards afaik.

Confirm the version number of your game (it might already come patched since version 1.0 had a serious performance issue) and if needed try patch 1.1 instead since 1.2 introduced some minor bugs.

If the game performs well and doesnt crash you dont need to patch it ;) .