View Full Version : Is the editor supposed to do that?

10th Dec 2006, 21:11
I hope this is the right place to post this
See, I've installed the T3: DS editor (it took a loooong time, looking at the tutorial every two seconds), and all is well - Well, almost all. Because when i try to play a thief level trough the editor, it takes like an age (i know its supposed to take long time, but well, not that long) like twenty minutes and nothing happens. I try to close it (you know Ctrl+Alt+Del) and still nothing happens. At last, i get drastical, and close the computer with the button on the machine. When i start it again, i get these messages i normally get after a crash. I quess this is a problem with my editor, and, if so, how do i fix it? If its not, then what do you think it is? Is it my thief game, or just my impatience?

11th Dec 2006, 00:10
Well it certainly shouldn't take that long! What method are you using to run the game? Are you using Komag's tutorial? When you do Ctrl-Alt-Del, do you see a running process called T3.exe or T3Main.exe?

Komag's tutorial is definitely the way to go if you aren't already - get it at Shadowdark Keep (http://www.shadowdarkkeep.com/).

11th Dec 2006, 14:38
I have used Komag's tutorial, and have so far been quite as satisfying...
But you misunderstands me, because when i do the Ctrl+Alt+Del the window dont even close down, it just keep up as if nothing happened, so i really don't know...