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9th Dec 2006, 21:28
Hi, here's nr. 1 on stupid brickneck questions 'bout DromEd:
I was going to get into the DromEd editor for Thief 2, but got head on a problem: I could'nt find it anywhere. I looked for tutorials on the net, but it just said: It's on disk one of the Thief 2 game. But WHERE on the thief 2 disk? i could'nt find it. Im not a computer genious by any means, so it doesnt suprise me.
Its stupid, i know, but i really needs help

9th Dec 2006, 21:53
In the Editor folder there is Dromed.zip.

Extract all the contents to your Thief2 folder.

If you haven't patched Thief 2 to version 1.18, do so now.
If you can't remember whether or not you've patched, begin a mission in the game and bring up the console (shift + ; ) and type dark_version. If it says 1.07, you need to install the patch, which you can download from here: http://thief-thecircle.com/media/patches/
Note that there's a "Thief 2 patch" and a "Thief 2 Premier patch". You only need the one that matches your copy of the game.

Then you need to update dromed.exe with the one on the page linked to above.

9th Dec 2006, 23:36
I have tried to do as you said, but when i try to open the dromed.exe file (the updated one, i think - almost sure i got it updatet right) it gives a popup with this message:

Assertion Failed
Cannot fin GUI font (File: uigame.cpp, line 60)
(Yes to trap, No to exit, Cancel to ignore

this is accompanied by three buttons, Yes, No and Cancel (obiusly enough)

What am i going to do about that?

10th Dec 2006, 13:41
You did extract all the files from the zip file that was on the disc? Before you extracted the update?
Did you select "Yes to all" when it asked you if you wanted to overwrite?

The answers should all be 'Yes'.

11th Dec 2006, 15:16
You get that message also if you put the Dromed files in a subfolder, they have to go in your Thief 2 folder. Basically, Dromed can't find a resource that it needs.